About RMC


The San Joaquin River Resource Management Coalition (RMC) has become a broad-based group with a common interest in the health and viability of the San Joaquin River watershed and the agriculture it sustains.  The RMC participants include individual landowners and stakeholders along the river, State and Federal governmental agencies, other local agencies and water districts, and private environmental organizations.  The purpose of the RMC is to proactively address resource management challenges on the San Joaquin River and to provide a voice and venue in the planning process for all entities concerned with the river’s future.  The RMC intends to address issues associated with integrating water supply and ecosystem restoration projects along the river.  Goals of the RMC are to provide a forum for landowners, agencies, and other interested parties to jointly address resource management issues of common interest; address current and proposed regulations that affect the San Joaquin River; work cooperatively to increase political standing, regional program and project funding; and, promote educational programs that communicate the diversity of uses and the importance of a balanced, healthy river system for agriculture, the environment, and the people of the State of California.

About San Joaquin River Resource Management Coalition (RMC)


Water Users

Local Governments
Building/ Commerce
Farm Bureaus

Federal Agencies
Sate Agencies


Local Governments
Madera County Farm Bureau
Merced County Farm Bureau
Fresno County Farm Bureau
Stanislaus County Farm Bureau
Environmental Member
General Public Member
Aliso Water District
Central California Irrigation District

Clayton Water District
Columbia Canal Company
Farmers Water District
Firebaugh Canal Water District
Grassland Water District
Gravelly Ford Water District
Lone Tree Mutual Water Company
Madera Irrigation District
Root Creek Water District

San Luis Canal Company
SJR Exchange Contractors Water Authority
Stevinson Water District
Turner Island Water District
Building and Commerce
Land Owner Representatives
San Joaquin River Association
Triangle T Water District

Voting Members

John Beam
Robert Brewer
Breanne Ramos
Roy Catania
Jarrett Martin
Jeff Coulthard
Paul Stewart
Jim Stilwell

Ric Ortega
Larkin Harman
Randy Houk
John Wiersma
Jim Erickson
Bob Kelley
Jon Basila
Scott Silveira

Mari Locke Martin
Darcy Villere
Dan McNamara
George Park
Lynn Skinner
Christina Beckstead
Chris White
Sarah Woolf